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The Right people at the Right time.

At Squadlabour we understand business, we recognize people’s strengths, and we know how best to use them. It is our business to source qualified, motivated candidates for industrial and general labour positions on a short-term, ongoing or full-time basis.

With Squadlabour, you can focus on your core business and be confident that we will assist with your staffing needs and help avoid the costs associated with recruiting, maintaining, and terminating your employees.


Placement Solutions

From ongoing temporary placments, to multi-stage, permanent hiring, seasonal staff expansions, workplace safety reviews, to conflict resolution, we‘ve got the answer to your staffing and human resource requirements.

Reduce your risk and maximize your profits with our pre-selected general labour and skilled trades workers.

All our candidates are tested on written, oral, and mathematical ability. This ensures that each of your employees is capable of learning on their own and is qualified for your company’s job mandate. We also test skilled workers in their field of expertise and verify that their trade permits are valid.

You may also use a temporary placement as an extended test before a permanent commitment.

Induestries we working with!


Why Choose Us?

  • Free estimates and proper planning
  • We are easy to reach and can quickly respond to your fluctuating requirements.
  • We eliminate the cost associated with payroll, administration, and government remittances.
  • We have a strong health and safety focus in our business activities, from corporate policies to candidate screening and training.
  • From immigration documents to trade permits, we check them all before sending any Squadlabour employee on an assignment.
  • Everyday Checking

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